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The Architect (2008)

Accepting a prize, architect Georg Winter explains that an architect has the good fortune of measuring every completed building against the rightness of his original idea. Soon Georg himself is forced to take stock of the achievements and mistakes he has made in his personal life. An intense drama in which the four members of the family travel to a mountain village to bury Georg's mother. They get stranded in bad weather. This unexpected isolation throws new light on the past and present life of the parents and the two almost-adult children.
Audio Samples
0:44 Schneelandschaft
3:13 Abspannmusik

DirectorIna Weisse
Producer Felix Eisele, Peter Schwartzkopff
Writer Daphne Charizani, Ina Weisse
Cinematographer Carl-Friedrich Koschnick
Editor Andreas Wodraschke
Cast Josef Bierbichler, Matthias Schweighöfer,
Hilde van Mieghem, Sophie Rois,
Sandra Hüller, Lucas Zolgar
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