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The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island (2007)

In "The Three Investigators and The Secret of Skeleton Island" the cult detective trio from Rocky Beach, California, fall into a breath-taking mixture of adventure, thriller and mystery. Only by a hairs-breadth did they escape with their lives after the successful completion of their last case.

Their adversary Victor Hugenay admittedly escaped, but right now Peter Crenshaw and Bob Andrews find themselves on vacation. And even their leader Jupiter Jones doesn't have to be asked twice, as Pete's father invites the youngsters to come to South Africa. Or to be more exact: to Skeleton Island, where he is helping the stinking rich Miss Wilbur in the construction of a new theme park.

After they arrive, there suddenly is no time for sun-bathing, snorkeling, or other fun activities: a mysterious beast, the so-called 'Tokolosh', wreaks havoc and provokes fear and terror among the workers. One thing's for sure - this is a case for the Three Investigators. Yet the bold amateur detectives do not suspect that they will uncover a secret that originates from the 17th century, and that this case has more to do with their own lives then they would like to admit...
Audio Samples
1:40 The Skeleton Island
1:53 The three Investigators in Action
3:33 Grief and Loneliness
1:51 Township Kids
2:28 Farewell

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DirectorFlorian Baxmeyer
Producer Malte Grunert, Sytze Van Der Laan
Writer David Howard, Ronald Kruschak,
Philip LaZebnik, Thoms Oliver Walendy
Cinematographer Peter Krause
Editor Ueli Christen
Cast Josef Bierbichler, Matthias Schweighöfer,
Hilde van Mieghem, Sophie Rois,
Sandra Hüller, Lucas Zolgar