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Der Liebeswunsch (2005)

With his pedantic and stuck-up manner Leonhard (Tobias Moretti) once virtually drove his wife Marlene (Barbara Auer) into the arms of his best friend Jan (Ulrich Thomsen). The trio had to fight hard to maintain their friendship after this. In the meantime, the situation has stabilised somewhat again. Now Leonhard marries a much younger student. Living in close quarters with Leonhard soon gets too cold and narrow for Anja (Jessica Schwarz) as well.

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DirectorTorsten C. Fischer
Producer Heike Richter-Karst
Writer Torsten C.Fischer
Cinematographer Theo Bierkens
Editor Hansjörg Weissbrich
CastJessica Schwarz, Ulrich Thomsen,
Tobias Moretti, Barbara Auer