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The Trip to Panama (2006)

Little Bear and Little Tiger are true friends. They are never afraid. Together, they are strong: Strong like a bear and strong like a tiger! They live together in a little cottage by the river. One day, Little Tiger finds a wooden box with "Panama" written on it. The box smells of bananas. Bear and Tiger decide to go looking for Panama, which must be the land of their dreams.
Audio Samples
3:35 Titelmusik
0:45 Fahrt durch den Wald

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DirectorMartin Otevrel
ProducerIrina Probost
WriterJanosch, Guido Schmelich
German Voice ActorsTil Schweiger (Kleiner Tiger),
Dietmar Bär (Kleiner Bär),
Anke Engelke (Fisch),
Ralf Schmitz (Schnuddel),
Mirco Nontschew (Esel)
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