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Vier Töchter (2006)

The women of the Grönland family in times of change; Their pivoting point is fifty-year old Ottila, who has established herself as a successful real estate broker and mother. Now her job isn't doing too well and her daughters confront her with unexpected plans for their lives. At the same time, a new tenant appears in her apartment building, forcing her to face some unanswered questions about her past.
Audio Samples
2:45 Videobilder
1:22 Ankunft
1:11 Abendstimmung

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DirectorRainer Kaufmann
Producer Jakob Claussen, Ulrike Putz,
Thomas Wöbke
WriterGabi Blauert
Cinematographer Klaus Eichhammer
EditorUli Christen, Andreas Menn
CastDagmar Manzel, Tanja Schleiff,
Stefanie Stappenbeck, Lisa Maria Potthoff,
Amelie Kiefer, Matthias Matschke,
Stephan Bissmeier, Annette Paulmann,
Robert Dölle, Jevgenij Sitochin