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The Wild Chicks (2006)

The thing called love isn't that simple. Sprotte, Frieda, Melanie, Wilma and Trude have to learn this as well. All the "Wild Chicks" have to face this vexed feeling. Nevertheless, the head chick has quite a different kind of problem as well: her mother Sybille intends to marry Thorben Mossmann, the "wiseguy", when Sprotte's father suddenly reappears after twelve years, upsetting Sybille's emotions. The most complicated relationship of them all is Wilma's, however! The Chicks have to learn that love doesn't always have something to do with boys! Even though their gang threatens to break apart in the course of these tribulations, they end up sticking together again after all. Just like WILD CHICKS!
Audio Samples
1:38 Overtüre
1:44 Die Suchaktion

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Director Vivian Naefe
Producer Uschi Reich, Peter Zenk
Writer Güzin Kar, Uschi Reich
Cinematographer Peter Döttling
Editor Hansjörg Weißbrich
Cast Lukas Engel, Veronica Ferres,
Benno Fürmann, Jette Hering,
Lucie Hollmann, Zsa Zsa Inci Bürkle
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